Alzheimer’s Disease and childhood leukemia

Alzheimer’s Disease and childhood leukemia

Can electromagnetic fields increase the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease and childhood leukemia?

Two new scientific papers suggest that they can.

Study 1

Wireless radiation may be contributing to Alzheimer’s Disease, says Dr Martin Pall, a professor of Biochemistry at Washington State University.

In a paper published in February, he said that this radiation affects voltage-gated calcium channels. These ‘doorways’, located on membranes of some cells, allow the passage of calcium into the cell  where it plays a role in many cell processes. Too much calcium inside a cell can cause inflammation.

It can also cause Alzheimer’s Disease, he says.

Pall refers to research showing that exposed rats exhibited signs of neurodegenerative disease and he provides further evidence supporting his view.

He also expresses concern about smart wireless devices which, he believes, may cause ‘widespread very, very early onset AD [Alzheimer’s Disease] in human populations.’

Study 2

Yet another study has found an association between magnetic fields from powerline and other electrical sources and childhood leukemia.

The study was conducted by Christian Brabant and colleagues from the University of Liège in Belgium. The team reviewed relevant studies that looked at different sources of exposure. They found that:

  • studies conducted before 2000 were more likely to show this association than studies conducted later

  • the magnetic field level associated with childhood leukemia was higher than 4 mG (milliGauss)

  • children who lived within 50m of a powerline had nearly 50% more chance of developing acute lymphoblastic leukemia

  • living near wiring with high current configurations increased the risk of childhood leukemia

  • sleeping on an electric blanket more than doubled the risk of childhood leukemia.

The researchers concluded that power frequency magnetic fields of above 4 mG ‘can increase the risk of developing leukemia in children, probably acute lymphoblastic leukemia.’

Magnetic fields above 4 mG have been classified as a Class 2B carcinogen – in the same category as lead – by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).

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