A message to schools & libraries about the risks of wireless radiation

A retired US physicist has called on libraries and schools to address the risks of wireless radiation.

Dr Ronald Powell, who worked for the Executive Office of the President, the National Science Foundation, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology, expressed concerns about the impact of wireless radiation in an open letter of 20 August.

‘The vast majority of the thousands of peer reviewed research publications of this [international biomedical] community, when funded independent of the wireless industries, are finding biological effects of concern. Further, these biological effects occur at levels of radiation far lower than earlier understood. Simply stated, a worldwide health crisis is emerging,’ the letter states.

Dr Powell referred to the fact that environmental emissions are increasing exponentially but that most people are unaware of this because of their invisibility. He said that present standards, based only on heating effects of exposure, are ‘outdated and overly permissive’ and he referred to the influence that the telecommunications industry exerts on both the public and goverments.

Libraries and schools can protect people by using wired connections rather than wireless connections, Dr Powell said.

20 August 2015 - Message to Public Libraries about Wireless Devices - https://skyvisionsolutions.files.wordpress.com/2016/02/message-to-public-libraries-about-wireless-devices-health-feb-2016.pdf

20 August 2015 - Message to Public Schools about Wireless Devices -https://skyvisionsolutions.files.wordpress.com/2015/08/message-to-public-schools-about-wireless-devices.pdf


Dr. Powell has issued updated documents for schools and colleges (November 2015) and public libraries (February 2016). Here are links:

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