5G – what you need to know

5G – what you need to know

As 5G is being rolled out across Australian – and the globe – many people are wondering how this, the latest generation of radiofrequency (wireless) radiation, will impact them and their families, whether it will affect our environment and what they can do to reduce exposure.

In an interview with journalist Maria Zeee, Lyn McLean addresses these issues and explains:

  • the features of 5G technology

  • how radiofrequency radiation affects the body

  • what groups of scientists and doctors say about 5G

  • how millimeter 5G waves affect the body

  • what Dr Fiorella Belpoggi’s report to the European Parliament says about the risks of 5G

  • how the rollout of 5G contravenes human and environmental laws

  • the social risks of 5G

  • and what you can do to reduce your exposure to 5G.

You can watch the interview here:


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