Radiation-free Modem/Router Package

Radiation-free Modem/Router Package

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Did you know that you can have internet and phone that is completely radiation-free and nbn-compatible?

We provide NBN-compatible equipment that allows you to use your computers, laptops, devices and landline phone without any exposure to radiofrequency/wireless radiation at all.

We design, provide, configure and test a wired-only communications network package specifically for your home and we can send it to you, wherever you are in Australia.

In order to provide you with a quote, we need to find out what kind of technology you use and what you require. 

You can see more information and request a quote in our form above.


Customer Feedback

'Best investment ever. Has changed our lives.' by J.B.

'Would you believe we finally have NBN connected, two weeks ago, and our wired modem up and running! It’s so great and no symptoms so I am happy and eternally grateful to you [Luke] and Lyn', Angie

'I'm really happy with the equipment you sent me. I feel the peace in the house.' C.R.

'Yes, working well, good to know that wifi can't accidently be turned on, because there is no wifi. Have a system set up at both my home and my business premises. Luke did a great job. Much appreciated.' M.B.

'I am really happy with it and Luke was available to help me set it up again when I relocated.' D.A.

'A very big "thank you" to both you and Luke for your kind efforts. With the help of ... [I am] up and running. I will say I have my Learner plates on with the Aussie Webmail through Aussie Broadband services. I thank you too for referring me to them as my new Provider who I think are excellent. It is a case of step by step. Speed ways, Lyn, it is good. I am thrilled I can still speak [on] the Landline - again my thanks.' M.B.

'So far, so good. Installation was easy to implement and was a smooth process moving to Aussie Broadband in conjunction with your equipment. Overall we're happy with the set-up and grateful an option like this exists. So thank you.' L.L.

'I really appreciate having wired in (non-wireless) internet.  Along with other strategies to reduce the wireless from my new neighbours, and local phone tower emissions, my health has stabilised and is slowly improving. And it is so nice to use internet that doesn't give me head pains.' B.B.

'Our wired NBN is running well. Really pleased we haven’t done wireless.' G.W.

'Wired internet has allowed my health to improve.  Thank you.' B.B. 

'We are VERY THRILLED with our new nbn SAFE ph system & THANK u v much 4 providing this ‘set-up’ & also 4 Luke's expertise ... as he sure did a wonderful job & I certainly feel ok with recommending this system & Luke to people I feel interested to pursue a safe home netwk.' R.

'Our new modem has improved my wellbeing a lot.' E.Z.

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