Wireless radiation affects gut health

March 9, 2024 

Did you know that gut health is important for health and mood? When gut problems occur, they can trigger physical symptoms and emotional problems such as depression and anxiety. And, because the gut communicates with the brain, they can even affect the way we think.*

Now scientists have found new evidence that gut health can be affected by wireless radiation.

In a study published recently, researchers from China investigated the effects of long-term exposure to a 4.9 GHz wireless signal, chosen because it’s one of the frequencies used in 5G.

The researchers exposed a group of adult mice to the wireless signal for one hour a day for three weeks and studied the animals’ faecal deposits to see whether exposure had affected their intestinal microbia, comparing them to unexposed mice.

They found it had.

‘Our results showed the gut microbial diversity decreased and the microbial composition structure altered after RF [radiofrequency ie wireless] exposure’, the authors said.

In their paper, the authors explain just why this is important. ‘The gut microbiota plays a vital role in human health. Many studies have shown that the gut microbiota influences not only gastrointestinal function but also central nervous system physiology and behavior by regulating the microbiota-gut-brain axis.’ Further, ‘[a]ccumulating evidence suggests that the gut microbiota may influence neurodevelopment and social behavioral programming in different animal species.’

The authors also make interesting observations about wireless radiation and depression.

Previous research has shown that depression-like behaviour could be induced by exposure to a 4.9 GHz signal and, separately, that it is related to different bacteria and different microbial metabolites. So, could the radiation affect the gut microbia, thus causing the depression?

Possibly. ‘Further investigation is needed to reveal the mechanisms of the RF exposure on gut microorganisms and determine the biological significance of the observed phenomena,’ the authors wrote.

Wang, X., Zhou, G., Lin, J. et al. Effects of radiofrequency field from 5G communication on fecal microbiome and metabolome profiles in mice. Sci Rep 14, 3571 (2024). https://doi.org/10.1038/s41598...

‘The Brain-Gut Connection’

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