US mobile phone bill announced

US Congressman, Dennis J Kucinich is planning to introduce legislation on mobile phone safety.

The proposed bill will require warning labels for mobile phones with information about SAR levels, an update of the ‘decades-old’ standard and a national research program to study the health effects of mobile phone radiation.

‘Consumers have a right to know whether they are buying the phone with the lowest–or the highest–level of exposure to cell phone radiation. They also deserve to have up to date standards, which are now decades old,’ said Kucinich.

In announcing his proposed bill on 30 June, the Congressman referred to the findings of the Interphone mobile phone study. ‘Those using their cell phones only 30 minutes per day or more were found to have a 40% increased risk of a type of brain tumour called glioma. This risk increases to 96% if the phone is used mostly on one side of the head.,’ he said.

(Media Release, 30.06.10.)

from 'EMR and Health' Sept 2010, vol 6 no 3