Smart Meters in NSW

The NSW State Government and electricity suppliers are using renewable energy and price savings as hooks to encouraging customers to install 'smart' electricity meters that emit wireless radiation.

The Government has written to customers participating in the Solar Bonus Scheme which ends on 31 December this year encouraging them to 'investigate the possibility of a smart meter for your home'. The letter extols the benefits of smart meters for energy consumption but fails to mention that the meters emit wireless radiation.

Origin Energy has also been writing to customers with solar panels encouraging them to install a 'remote' electricity meter - which also operates using wireless radiation.

Wireless radiation has been associated with adverse effects on the body in thousands of peer-reviewed scientific studies. In Victoria, Australia, where smart meters were mandatory, many people reported adverse symptoms after the meters were installed - whether or not they knew the smart meters were operating.

If you're considering changing your electricity meter, we urge you to consider carefully the information about wireless radiation, smart meters and health on our site.

EMR Australia finds it extremely disappointing that the NSW Government is forcing householders to choose between renewable energy and the health of their families.