Phone warnings to schools

UK Education Secretary, David Blunkett, has sent guidelines to every school in England to discourage the use of mobile phones by children.

The letter states, “Children aged 15 and under ... are likely to be more vulnerable to any unrecognised health risks from mobile phone use than are adults because their nervous systems are still developing. Also, because of their smaller heads, thinner skulls and higher tissue conductivity, children may absorb more energy from a mobile phone than do adults.” It also recommends that, “Where children do use mobile phones, they should do so for as short a time as possible.”

In addition to the letter to schools, the British government will be devising a leaflet to be available at the point of sale advising of the risk of mobile phone use to children under 16.

It is also consulting with telecommunications companies about a proposal to provide health warnings about radiation risks to children that would be posted to users with their bills.

EMRAA News Sept 2000, Vol 5 No 3