Mobiles and epilepsy

A study from Spain casts new light onto the risk of mobile phone radiation for epileptics.

E Lopez-Martin and team tested three groups of rats. One group was exposed to a GSM mobile phone signal of 900 MHz for two hours; one was exposed to the same radiation and a chemical which rendered them prone to seizures; the third was exposed only to the chemical.

The researchers found that the seizure prone rats, when irradiated, suffered seizures and there was an increase in levels of c-Fos in various parts of their brains. Neither chemical nor EMR exposure produced seizures. They recommend further research into the possibility that mobile phone radiation may trigger seizures in epileptics.

(Lopez-Martin, E et al, Neurosci Lett, Jan 27, 2006.)

from 'EMR and Health' Mar 2006, vol 2 no 1