Ireland's precautions

A committee of the Irish Parliament has recommended tougher procedures to reduce health impacts from communications technology.

On 30 June the joint Oireachtas Committee on Communications, Marine and Natural Resources released its report on Non-ionising Microwave Radiation Emissions from Communications Masts. Among its 11 recommendations were that:

  • all mobile phones sold should carry labels providing information about radiation levels;
  • planning regulations should be changed to ensure that mobile phone masts are not sited near “health centres, schools or other sensitive sites such as playgrounds or pitches”;
  • a Mobile Phone Safety Users Group should be established to advise the Minister and should include medical practitioners and members of the public;
  • details about emissions from mobile phone towers should be published on the Department of Communication’s website;
  • an independent board be established to review scientific data about health.


from 'EMR and Health' Sept 2005, vol 1 no 3