Doctors warn about health risks

Eleven Canadian doctors have petitioned Norfolk County Council regarding the dangers of mobile phone towers.

In a letter to the Mayor dated 2 April, the doctors urged the council to press for the relocation of a phone tower situated near a primary school.

“There is an increasing body of evidence linking the Radio Frequency Radiation emitted from cell phone towers to serious health effects including cancers and childhood leukemia. These studies further state that more research needs to be done to fully understand the health consequences of this type of technology and to use the precautionary principle of not locating cell phone towers near schools hospitals or in residential areas. The current government guidelines … provide protection against the thermal effects of Radio Frequency Radiation. It does not provide protection, especially for children, against the non-thermal biological effects of this radiation.”

The letter can be found at

from 'EMR and Health' Jun 2007, vol 3 no 2