Calling all builders, developers, architects, planners and electricians!

June 26, 2023

Are you in the building industry or are you having a new home built or wired?

Let me tell you how we can help.

EMR Australia has just launched two EMF Awareness Training packages aimed at helping people in the building industry understand and factor in electromagnetic fields when designing, constructing and wiring a building.

These online programs provide business advantages to course participants by giving them:

  • a unique opportunity to upskill to improve their knowledge and skills

  • a marketing edge over competitors by enabling them to appeal to a growing market of informed and health-conscious consumers

  • the potential for a free listing on EMR Australia’s website.

And, of course, the programs benefits us and the rest of society by creating safer, healthier buildings.

For Electricians

Our Electromagnetic Fields Awareness Training Program for Electricians fills the gap between what electricians have been taught and what they need to know in the modern electrical environment.

It provides, information, tools, and resources to help electricians expand their services, wire buildings to reduce exposure and help reduce the risks associated with EMF exposure.

You can see more information about the course here

For Builders, Developers, Architects and Planners

Our Electromagnetic Fields Awareness Training Program for Builders, Developers, Architects and Planners is an essential tool for people in the building industry.

It explains how electromagnetic fields impact a site, the business advantages of building to reduce exposure and provides design and shielding tips. You can see more information about the course contents here

These programs provide insights that are essential to everyone living and working in the modern built environment.

Remember, if you act now, you can claim a tax deduction on a course for this financial year.