A cure for cancer?

November 6, 2023

A fascinating new study suggests ways that microwave radiation can be used to cause or potentially cure cancer. And it has to do with the fact that water constitutes about 60 percent of our bodies.

In their study, scientists from Russia and Armenia exposed samples of water to different frequencies of radiofrequency (wireless) radiation for 30 minutes and what they observed will astound you.

They found that water exposed to a frequency of 1000 MHz resolved into the molecular shape of a hexagon. Interestingly, this is also the molecular shape of water found in healthy tissues.

They also found that water exposed to a frequency of 990 MHz (similar to that used by many mobile phones) developed the molecular shape of a cube. The cube is also the molecular shape of water within cancer cells.

This finding begs the question; could the frequencies of water contained within cells determine their health or pathology?

The authors suggest that it could. They propose a hypothesis ‘about the possible transformation of normal cells into cancer cells as a result of modification in them of the normal hexagonal molecular structure of water to abnormal cubic structure.’

And that’s not all.

The authors found that exposing an unhealthy sample of water – one with a cubic molecular structure – to a 1000 MHz frequency changed the molecular structure of the water to a healthy (hexagonal) molecular structure. And vice versa.

‘Preliminary experimental studies show that acting on the water of the cubic structure with a flow of therapeutic microwaves with a frequency of 1000 MHz or 985 MHz, it is possible to change its structure to a normal hexagonal one, which corresponds to a healthy tissue. Conversely, the "pathogenic" frequency of 990 MHz really transforms the normal hexagonal molecular structure of water into an abnormal cubic modification,’ they wrote.

These findings suggest a therapeutic effect of exposure to therapeutic frequencies. ‘Therapeutic microwaves have a direct effect on the source of dysfunction or pathology and activate the body’s own resources, stimulating the restoration of the normal functional state of the affected organs and body systems.’

The authors suggested that their findings could have implications for the treatment of cancer. ‘These preliminary results open up a very interesting line of research, which is associated with the possible application of low-power microwave radiation against tumor cells.’

Vitali Kalantaryan, Radik Martirosyan, Yuri Babayan, Voldemar Petrosyan, ‘Violation of molecular structure of intracellular water as a possible cause of carcinogenesis and its suppression by microwave radiation(hypothesis)’, Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal, Volume 21, 2023, Pages 3437-3442, ISSN 2001-0370, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.csbj....

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