5G tower radiation harms student

April 13, 2024 

So much for 5G radiation being safe!

Two Swedish researchers, Professor Lennart Hardell and Mona Nilsson, have shown that a 5G mobile phone tower caused radiation-related symptoms in an eight-year-old boy attending a school nearby.

The boy developed headaches soon after he began attending the school. Over time the headaches became more frequent and more severe (often ‘unbearable’) and other symptoms – fatigue and dizziness – developed too.

‘These are all part of the microwave syndrome or the radiofrequency sickness/illness described already during the 1960’s and the 1970’s,’ the authors say.

Hardell and Nilsson measured radiation levels at the school and recorded 76,590 µW/m[microwatts per square metre] in the boy’s classroom and 267,536 µW/min the playground. While these levels comply with international radiation limits (ICNIRP Guidelines), they are above levels at which harmful effects occur in the body and well above the 3-6 µW/mrecommended by the independent BioInitiative Report (2012).

Interestingly, the boy does not experience headaches when he wears a shielded cap or when he is at home, where the radiation levels are much lower.

‘This suggests that there is a causal relationship between the elevated radiation at the school and the boy's severe headache,’ the authors wrote. ‘The result is a classic example of a provocation study; symptoms (headache, fatique, dizziness) occur with 5G exposure but cease/are absent without 5G exposure.’

The authors believe that 5G radiation is more harmful than previous generations of mobile phone technology. ‘The Radio Frequency (RF) radiation emitted from 5G masts or 5G base stations is particularly problematic in terms of effects on human health and the environment because the technology produces fast, repetitive, very intense pulses of radiation. Biologically, this is unfavorable as the time to repair organ damage is too short.’

Professor Hardell, an oncologist, is particularly concerned about the cancer risks of exposure. ‘Epidemiological studies performed to date show clear association between exposure to RF radiation and cancer,’ he says. He and his team have conducted numerous studies showing links between mobile phone radiation and increased risks of brain tumours. And these have been strengthened by the results of two major animal studies conducted in the USA (National toxicology Program) and Italy (Ramazzini Institute).

In their paper, Hardell and Nilsson express grave concerns about the exposure from this and similar radiofrequency transmitters. They say, ‘Radiofrequency radiation is an environmental pollutant. The exposure to RF radiation at the boy’s school, both outdoors and in his classroom, is so high that it can cause the acute symptoms in the form of headache, fatigue, and dizziness that the boy repeatedly has experienced in school but much less in the home where the RF radiation is considerably lower. In the long term there is also the possibility of increased cancer risk. It can be assumed that more children at this school and other schools with 5G antennas in close proximity also suffer from symptoms caused by the increased RFradiation from 5G. Children are generally more sensitive than adults to harmful environmental factors. This case study underscores the urgent need for a moratorium on 5G deployment (www.5Gappeal.eu).’

Lennart Hardell and Mona Nilsson, An Eight Year Old Boy Developed Severe Headache in A School Close to A Mast with 5G Base Stations, Ann Clin Case Stud. 2024;6(1): ACCS-06-1093;

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