4G radiation affects testes

February 24, 20234

How safe is your mobile phone?

With the amount of mobile phone use escalating dramatically worldwide, researchers from India were interested to learn more about the effects of 4G mobile phone signals on the body.

For their study, the team exposed male rats to 4G mobile phone radiation (2350 MHz) for two hours a day for 56 days and subsequently analysed the effects and compared them to unexposed rats.

They found that exposure had harmful effects on the reproductive system, including:

  • reduced sperm viability

  • changes to sperm count

  • higher levels of sperm abnormalities

  • reduced mitochondrial activity in sperm

  • reduced levels of testosterone

  • decreased antioxidant capacity of the testes

  • and physical changes to the testes.

‘The results indicate that 4G radiation increases oxidative stress, induces peroxidation of membrane lipids, and decreases total antioxidant capacity in the testis,’ the authors said.

These findings have clear implications for infertility, which is on the rise in many countries.

The researchers also tested for effects on the liver, kidneys and blood. They found significant effects on some blood and liver function parameters, but not significant changes in kidney function.

‘Thus, it may be concluded that 4G radiation (Carrier frequency 2350 MHz) can affect the reproductive, renal, and hepatic system of male Wistar rat,’ the authors concluded.

They recommended that further studies be conducted to expand understanding of the effects of 4G radiation.

Gautam R, Pardhiya S, Nirala JP, Sarsaiya P, Rajamani P. Effects of 4G mobile phone radiation exposure on reproductive, hepatic, renal, and hematological parameters of male Wistar rat. Environ Sci Pollut Res Int. 2023 Dec 16. doi: 10.1007/s11356-023-31367-x. PMID: 38102429.

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