FW Bell 4190 EMF Gaussmeter

FW Bell 4190 EMF Gaussmeter

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Our FW Bell 4190 EMF gaussmeter measures magnetic fields from electrical sources such as power lines, wiring, office equipment, household appliances, meter boxes, conductive water pipes and all types of electric equipment.

It is a lightweight, meter, suitable for commercial use.

It's a tri-axis gaussmeter ie it measures magnetic fields from three different directions at once.

This accurate, hand-held gaussmeter can be used has additional functions to the 4180 meter.

It measures from 0.1 mG to 1999 mG (0.01 – 199.9 uT) and can be used for data-logging functions.

It has an analogue output for viewing an analogue wave form on an oscilloscope, spectrum analyser of similar.

It also has a DC output which can be used for driving chart recorders, data-loggers and similar equipment, and comes with a vinyl carry case, certificate of calibration, one-year warranty and instruction disk.

Technical details

You can see technical details about the 4190 meter and how it compares with the 4180 here >>.