FW Bell 4180 EMF Gaussmeter

FW Bell 4180 EMF Gaussmeter

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Our FW Bell 4180 EMF meter is an easy-to-use gaussmeter that measures magnetic fields from electrical sources such as power lines, wiring, office equipment, household appliances, meter boxes, conductive water pipes and all types of electric equipment.

It is a lightweight, meter, suitable for commercial or domestic use.

It's a tri-axis gaussmeter ie it measures magnetic fields from three different directions at once.

It has an extended bandwidth – and measures fields from 20 to 2000 Hz. This means that it detects a wide variety of frequencies and harmonics.

Support material

The FW Bell 4180 magnetic field meter comes with a booklet unique to EMR Australia that explains everything you need to know about measuring magnetic fields. It contains easy-to-understand instructions, including:

  • detailed directions about how, when and where to measure for optimum results
  • charts for easy recording of your fields
  • handy safety tips
  • information about ‘safe’ levels of exposure
  • instructions for reducing exposure from common sources.         

Technical details

For technical details, please click here >>.

Customer feedback

'Helped tremendously! I discovered I had conductive water pipes affecting my sleeping area. Thanks so much, Lyn, for all your help!!' By G.B.

'Brilliant! Well worth the cost of hiring. Very helpful in helping us to decide on buying a house near an electricity stanchion. Thank you very much!' By N. M.

'Very helpful. We made an offer on a property close to a substation. I wanted to be sure the readings were not high in the house. There were not, so now I feel confident to go ahead with purchase. Thank you.' By M.R.

'The meter hire was worthwhile. It gave us peace of mind and knowledge in area that we have been mostly ignorant about.' by D. B.

'The meter was definitely eye opening and very helpful with the [house] buying decision process.' by R. B.

'Useful for future development planned for extension of existing house. Thanks.' By S.K.

'I did find your meter useful and tested all around our home plus our current cars and two vehicles we were looking at purchasing including the hybrid Lexus...Thank you again for a great service.' By K.S.

'Great kit! Helped us in deciding on a property. Would highly recommend.' By S.R.

'The meter was absolutely useful - provided some surprising information.' By S.D.

'Fantastic. Very interesting. Hired to check power line near a house we were going to purchase.' By B.R.

'Found this to be extremely useful!' By W.E.

'Best customer service, I have to say.' By T.C.

'Thanks for the peace of mind that our power box doesn't need to be moved.' By J.F.

'My wife and I found the meter very useful. We found a house that we loved and were keen to buy it but there was a transformer box located near the property. I took readings in front of the transformer of 18.4 mG and the rooms inside the house were between 6.8 mG - 8.0 mG upwards, the lowest reading was 4.4 mG at the far edge of the property. Across the street (approx 5m away) the readings dropped to 1.1 mG. The house was also situated under the low level power lines seen on most streets in Melbourne. Thankfully we decided not to buy the house.' By. E.L.

'It helped to locate the place for my bed and made me more aware of the fields with my appliances. Some very surprising results.' By J.R.

'This has been an interesting exercise and one that I will continue to explore further. I will keep your details at hand.' by J.P.

'We found it very interesting and valuable info. Highly recommend to anyone who is 'in the know'.' By B.P.

'It has been very enlightening and shown me that the areas of the house that I feel pain when there are actually hotspots. We ... have implemented some changes that we hope will help.' By Y.E.

'The EMF meter was easy to use and gave instant results. It was very enlightening to see which areas around the house had high EMFs, so we know to avoid being in close proximity for a long period of time in these areas.'

'It was fantastic, and saved me from purchasing a house that would have caused my hair to stand on end! I read a '7' in the kitchen and 6 in the bedrooms with the mains turned off, due to a high power transmission line near the property.' By A.P.

'Thanks so much, it really was helpful and interesting.' By N.R.