EB Grounding Tape

EB Grounding Tape

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A grounding tape to be used with shielding paints.


EB2 is a grounding tape that is used to bridge cracks and connect surfaces. If there are cracks on the wall to be shielded, use grounding strap EB2 to cover them.

If painting an entire room, use grounding strap EB2 before painting. Run it from under the grounding plate, across each area to be painted and connect the strips of tape with each other. This is to connect different walls in one room together. It covers cracks in the wall, ensuring that no part is cut off from the grounding. More detailed information is available in our instructions below.

  • Self-adhesive 
  • With electrically non-conductive glue 
  • Attenuation: 80 dB at 1 GHz 
  • Adhesive force 10 N/cm 
  • Width 2 cm, length 10 m, thickness 0.2 mm 

You can see detailed instructions for painting and grounding here