Wi-Se Shielding Singlet for Women

Wi-Se Shielding Singlet for Women

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Protect your body from radiofrequency (wireless) radiation with our Wi-Se shielding singlets.

Product Description

If you use a mobile phone, a wireless computer, tablet or other wireless device, you can protect yourself from the wireless radiation they emit with our Wi-Se shielding singlet tops. Wear them on their own or under other clothing to protect you at home, work or when you’re out and about in wireless environments.

Wi-Se singlet tops for women block wireless radiation from:

  • mobile and cordless phones
  • Wi-Fi
  • computers
  • modems
  • tablets
  • microwave ovens
  • baby monitors
  • ‘smart’ devices

Make the Wi-Se decision. Choose clothing that protects.

Do NOT carry your mobile phone between your singlet top and your body.


  • white singlet top with shoestring straps, suitable for wearing on its own or under clothing
  • protects the vital organs from radiofrequency (wireless) radiation
  • colour: white with silver thread
  • light, soft, cool and comfortable-to-wear fabric, perfect for Australian conditions
  • cotton (89%), polyamide (9%), silver (2%). Please note that some joins in the silver thread may occasionally be visible but this does not affect the effectiveness of the garment.
  • shields from 20 MHz to 10 GHz. See graph of shielding effectiveness.
  • available in sizes 8 to 16 
  • designed and made in Australia by EMR Australia PL


The measurements of the singlet tops can be found below for underarm (measured sideseam to sideseam) and hips (measured sideseam to sideseam at hem). Measurements are taken before washing. Please allow for normal shrinkage of cotton fabric.

  • size 8:    underarm (42 cm),    hip (49cm)
  • size 10:  underarm (44.5 cm), hip (51 cm)
  • size 12   underarm (46 cm),    hip (54 cm)
  • size 14:  underarm (49 cm),    hip (56 cm)
  • size 16:  underarm (52 cm),    hip (58 cm)

See graph of shielding effectiveness here:


  • Gentle machine wash, using wool cycle or hand wash
  • Do not use harsh detergents, bleach or enzymes
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Do not dryclean
Customer feedback

'My brother bought me the Naturell cloth and T-shirt due to my electromagnetic hypersensitivity. Because of my Multiple Sclerosis, I'm not able to tolerate being in front of my computer without feeling nauseous, dizzy and shaky. Since wearing the cloth over my head as a scarf and putting on my t-shirt, I'm now able to tolerate being in front of the computer for longer periods. That's such a relief for me and I'm now able to access the technology I need. I'm grateful to you for making these products.' by Vicki Ballard

We're pleased to report feedback from a customer who says that she's very pleased with the singlet and it's far more comfortable than some shielding shirts she bought for over $300 each.


'You are doing a great job and a wonderful service to the Australian community. Keep up the good work.’ By L.C.