Adapter set for Android Tablet & Phones

Adapter set for Android Tablet & Phones

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Adapter set for Android Tablets and Phones

An adapter set for connecting Android tablets and phones to a modem.

This adapter set contains an Android adapter and a Wired Ethernet Adapter for connecting android tablets and/or mobile phones to a modem using an ethernet cable.

Used with our radiation-free, nbn-compatible modem/routers, it allows safe access to the internet without exposure to radiofrequency (wireless) radiation.

The components of the adapter set have been selected and tested for compatibility by EMR Australia’s IT specialist.

When using: Please be careful when inserting the adapter into the device.  The connecters at the end of the adapters are quite delicate and the contacts can be easily damaged if forced into the socket on the device. 

Here are the dimensions:

H: 15 cm

W: 13 cm

Depth: 1cm

Weight: 38grams