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Head Protection

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The easiest, most economical and versatile way for you to protect your head from radiofrequency/wireless radiation is with our shielded fabric lining for your hat or cap.

Simply cut or fold the fabric to fit the crown of your hat or cap. You can use as many layers of fabric as you need for protection - some people need more layers than others - and you can transfer it from hat to hat or cap to cap.

The lining fabric is called Ultima, a high quality, lightweight fabric made of cotton, copper and silver.  

Fabric size: 50 cm x 50 cm

Colour: off-white

Washing instructions:  

  • wash in cold water
  • use gentle, phostphate-free detergent
  • don’t bleach
  • don’t dryclean
  • don’t tumble dry
  • cool iron

You can see more information about the Ultima fabric here.