DE3 Dirty Electricity Filter

DE3 Dirty Electricity Filter

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Reduce the level of dirty electricity in your home or workplace with the DE3 Dirty Electricity Filter. Our DE3 filters can be used to reduce the level of dirty electricity (DE) present in your home or workplace.

For information about what dirty electricity is, please see our link at the bottom of this page. Please note that these filters do not reduce magnetic, electric or radiofrequency fields.

Our DE3 filters are designed to fit Australian power outlets and bear the C-tick.

We recommend you measure DE with the deTekta DE meter to select the best position for the filters. We are currently waiting for more stock of this meter.

Plug the filter into a power point as close to the source of DE as possible and turn the power point on. When you check the reading on the deTekta, you’ll see that the level of DE has dropped and the percentage by which it has dropped.

It’s important to locate the filters as close to the source of DE as possible. If DE is entering the house from the neighbourhood wiring or from solar panels, plug the filter close to the meter box. If it’s coming from an appliance, plug the filter into a socket near the appliance. It’s important to reduce DE close to the source or it will flow backwards and forwards on the house wiring between the source and the filter(s).

DE3 filters reduce high-frequency noise on electrical wiring. Remember, they don’t reduce the electric or magnetic fields present from this wiring.

A detailed information booklet is available with the hire or purchase of the deTekta dirty electricity meter, used in conjunction with the filters. It contains information and guidance for locating filters for optimum results.


The DE3 filters are an improvement on the earlier model DE2 filters. They have added safety protection by adding a thermal (heat activated) fuse and a high-voltage spike absorbing varistor as electricity systems are getting far more high voltage spikes on them that have been shown to be able to shorten the life of the capacitors. 

We recommend that, once connected, the DE3 filter should be left on all the time.

What is dirty electricity?

For information about dirty electricity, see our article 'Could Dirty electricity be contributing to health problems in your home or workplace?' here.

Technical specifications

The unit contains a 10 microfarad a.c. mains-voltage rated capacitor, discharging resistor and fuse. Unlike some DE filters on the market ours contain an electric-field screen inside the case which is connected to the Earth pin. Some filters on the market are not even internally fused. Our DE3 units have the Australian C-tick and are fully approved to European safety standards.

The Certificate of Conformity is available here

Customer reviews

Here's what customers have said about the DeTekta Dirty Electricity Filter!

"Since putting the filters in our house, I have noticed I am sleeping better and have become much clearer cognitively."
By Mary

“My wife and I both noticed an enhanced feeling of groundedness, relaxation and peace in the house after installing the DE filters. We are of course both sensitive to EMF.”
By Ralph 

“My sleep improved immediately after installing the filter.”
By L.M.

"Just spoke to Monday's client where I installed DE filters = she is raving!! So happy. Felt that everything was clearer and lighter. THANKYOU!!" by L.

"We were surprised at how much DE was coming into our house from the mains. Also, we found sources of DE generated mainly by power supplies for various electronics (eg computer) and other things that were plugged into sockets or powerboards. DE filters were subsequently purchased and they worked effectively in bringing these readings down to safer levels. We've also employed an electrician to remove all our dimmer switches!" By W.R.

I'm delighted to report that a customer reported today that she was able to live comfortably in her house for the first time in five years after filtering her dirty electricity. Lyn McLean

"The dirty electricity meter and filters have made a great improvement. I am sleeping better. My whole body was aching...that has improved a lot. Thank you." By B.L.

They arrived Friday and we've had a noticeable relief from sharp head pressure since. Our Stetzer and Greenwave meters both show a reduction compared to before, thankfully usually a reading of less than 25 GS units compared to over 40 GS units before, and over 70 GS units when we take all of the filters out for a baseline comparison.' by D.B.