BlocSock - X Large
BlocSock - X Large
BlocSock - X Large
BlocSock - X Large

BlocSock - X Large

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Block 96% of mobile phone radiation with the BlocSock, the pouch that protects your head, your body and your fertility.

The BlocSock mobile phone shield, with specialised microwave shielding fabric:

  • blocks 96% radiation to your head when making a call or to your body when carrying the phone in a pocket
  • suits iphone and android phones
  • protects from both near-field and far-field radiation
  • proven effective in laboratory tests.

This helps protect you from the health problems that are linked with mobile phone radiation, including brain tumours, sperm damage and infertility, and symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, memory and concentration problems.

The BlocSock contains two pockets lined with specialised shielding fabrics that prevent the radiation from passing through the pouch into your head or body.

There is a main central pouch for use when the phone is switched OFF. Use the external ‘kangaroo’ pouch when making calls, so that the radiation from the phone is able to connect to a phone tower, but does not penetrate your head or body.

The BlocSock has been shown to reduce SAR levels (this is the amount of radiation absorbed by the body) by 96%. You can read a full (2 megabyte) report with details here:  BlocSock Full Report   or a short report on SAR levels here:  BlocSock Short Report.

The BlocSock features:

  • Size: 11 x 18.5 cm measured flat (allow for depth of phone)
  • Swiss-shield WEAR fabric for far-field shielding Innovative near-field-shielding fabric Proven 96% reduction of SAR value
  • Care: Spot clean with mild detergent.
  • The blocSock comes in large size: 8 x 16 cm (measured flat). 
  • Available in black